QPW Sudan Power Was an Epic Event Checkout its Reults now.

QPW Upcoming Event "Sudan Power".

The first Academy of professional wrestling in the Arab world.In collaboration with professional coach Caleb Hall a joint cooperation was signed between Dubai Academy of Professional Wrestling (DAPW) and Qatar Pro Wrestling (QPW) to train young talents in the Arab World to be a future superstars and join QPW roster in the future

Six time world champion Booker T arrived in Qatar to make Souq Waqif Storm even bigger, along with The Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio, and Mexcico's greatest export, Alberto El Patrón.

The Mexican aristocrat Alberto El Patrón makes his debut at souq waqif storm to fight his eternal enemy Rey Mysterio.

The Master of the 619 Rey Mysterio Makes his debut at Souq Waqif to fight The Mexican Aristocrat Alberto El Patrón in a Lucha Libre Match!

After Lashley & Mahraja had been both counted out in the second semi-final match of QPW souq waqif storm championship tournament,the winner of the first semi-final match Alofa had no opponent thus he issued an open challenge and John Morrison answered that challenge.

QPW Souq Waqif Championship Torunament ends with a Brutal battle between Caprice Coleman,Jonny Storm,Mexx and John Moss in A Ladder Match For Souq Waqif Title.

QPW Sudan power Results
Get Ready ! QPW For The First Time in Sudan
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QPW Souq Waqif Storm Full Results and Photos.
Mexico's Greatest Export Alberto El Patrón makes his debut at Souq Waqif Storm.
Rey Mysterio Dialed in The 619 at Souq Waqif storm.
John Morrison Answers Alofa's Open Challenge.
Four Man Brutal Battle!