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QPW features an array of wrestling superstars for our events. Some are so well known that they are regularly featured on the big American productions such as WWE and TNA. 

Below are some of the wrestlers that were featured on event line ups.

QPW will host a pre-event Meet and Greet exclusively for 500 fans to welcome the world pro-wrestling legends including 
Kevin Nash, Mark Henry, and Alberto del Rio, Brian Cage, and Nzo. 

Registration for meet and greet is open daily from 4pm at the Doha Festival City Sports Booth at Angry Birds World. The Meet and Greet will be held in the Birds Island at Angry Birds World at 6pm on Thursday 20th February 2020.


Qatar Pro Wrestling (QPW) is the first and only professional wrestling association in the Middle East. Founded in 2013 in Doha QPW bring Super star Wrestlers from around the world to premiere in incredible wrestling shows with large scale productions throughout the Arab World.


Transferred to professionals in the United States by signing a contract with one of the largest promoting companies in the world, Top Rank. Thanks to the brilliant amateur past, starting immediately with the 10-round bout.

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